As an expert in Physician Recruitment, The Terry M. Purvis Company is committed to the detailed process of recruiting qualified and motivated Physicians. Going far beyond the Curriculum Vitae, we take into account, candidate's preferences, such as geography, lifestyle issues, and family needs. We conduct in-depth multiple interviews with both candidates and spouse, continuing to correlate information about the candidate and the client; saving both parties valuable time and avoiding surprises.

We are both client and candidate driven. We have an obligation to candidates to be honest and to introduce them to the best opportunities available while negotiating the best deal for both the client and the candidate. We take into consideration location of position; call schedule, patient population, and work environment, ultimately facilitating the best possible fit for the candidate and the client.

The Terry M. Purvis Company backs up its work with an unconditional money-back guarantee. Average completion time is 90 days from initiating the search to the candidate's start date. Results are what matter in the Physician search business, and no one delivers like The Terry M. Purvis Company.